Online Certificates

You know that hard work you have every time you need to issue certificates? Prepare certificate art, generate all of them, check and distribute everything. Forget it!

Our service saves you time and does all the issuance work for you in a much smarter, more productive and professional way.

Professionalize and Streamline your Issuance

If you need to issue personalized certificates in any quantity, is the right choice to professionalize and simplify your issuance. Our service makes it easy to generate, store, manage and share online certificates that, in addition to being practical, are more environmentally friendly, as there is no need to use paper.

Manageable Emissions

Track all your emissions and access certificates and reports directly in your Organizer Area.

Fast Issuance

Significantly reduce the time spent generating certificates. Our average issuance time is from 24h to 72h.

Support for Doubts

Use our support via phone or WhatsApp to answer your questions about issuing or operating the system.

More Benefits for You and Your Participants

In addition to saving time and effort, you and your participants will enjoy many other benefits with

Guaranteed Integrity and Validation

Certificates end up suffering from the action of time when they are stored. By choosing to generate certificates online, you guarantee the integrity of the document, which will have the same validity and authenticity as the printed one.

Certificate Sharing on LinkedIn

Your participant can share the certificate issued by directly on their LinkedIn profile. Something important that values the certificate received, as well as your course or event.

Customizable Satisfaction Surveys

How about knowing what the participants thought of your course? Before accessing the certificates, you can ask them to answer a satisfaction survey created by you.

View on Any Device

Our daily life calls for practicality and online certificates guarantee this for you. You can access and share them from any mobile device, such as tablets and cell phones, and at any time.

Decrease the Need for Printing

Having your certificates online is much more practical and you can easily find them whenever you need them, just access the system. That way, you eliminate the need for printing, reducing unnecessary expenses and contributing to the environment.

No Additional Cost Two-Sided Certificates

Issue front and back certificates suited to your needs, including a seal of authenticity on the back as well. Programmatic content, statements and other information may be inserted after review.

Certificate Access Reports

The organizer of the event will be able to view the most important statistics of the accesses of the participants to the certificates online.

New Features and Ongoing Tweaks

Our technical team continually makes adjustments to the platform to improve security and performance. And we always have new features following the evolution of the system.

Increase Your Reach When It Comes to Certify facilitates the delivery of the certificate to the participant and, thus, more people receive the document, without increasing costs for the organizer.

No Tuition Service

You control how much you pay based on your actual issuance needs. If you need to issue more than you thought, just buy more credits right away.

Access Security

All information and access to is protected by a 2048-bit SSL security certificate.

No-Cost Reissue

If your attendee requests correction of any personal information on the certificate, you will not be charged for reissue.

See Who Already Uses Our Service

More than 3200 companies in 9 countries trust and use our service


Who Uses, Approves!

Once you use our service for the first time, you will clearly see the time and labor savings involved in producing and delivering your certificates. Like our customers, we are sure you will too.

“ arrived to solve many of the problems that involved the sector for which I am responsible, since we have a high annual demand for issuing certificates. The agility and attention in the service, the practicality in the issuance and the smoothness in the processes are strengths that motivate us to remain as customers of the platform! Congratulations to and all the employees who are part of this company 👏🏻. Satisfaction to be your customer!”

Monalisa Ribeiro Silva
Núcleo de Pesquisa e Extensão – NUPE
Estácio Juazeiro do Norte

“We are an Occupational Safety Training company, we issue a high volume of certificates, so it became essential for us to have a company that could assist us in issuing our certificates. That's when we found the company, we've had this partnership for several years, having them with us is fundamental for our business. I recommend to everyone.”

Alexandre Carilli Simarro
Proprietário - Udisafe Segurança do Trabalho e Meio Ambiente

“We, who are part of Criativa Cursos Livres, are immensely sure that the company has added new values to our company, giving more credibility and agility in issuing our certificates. Thanks to this successful partnership, our company has taken new heights, so we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful group.”

Alisson Barros Alves
Diretor - Criativa Cursos Livres

“I'm Aline, I work at Zênite Informação, we've been using the services of for over two years. I have only praise for the tool, it is intuitive, easy to access and allows us to perform several actions on our certificates quickly. As for the service of the team, note ten, all super polite, fast. Thanks for the partnership.”

Aline Basso
Analista Administrativo - Zênite Informação

“The site is very easy to work with, the commands are simple and intuitive, in addition to having guidelines on the platform itself, which makes access even easier... Requests for inclusion and correction are quickly responded to by the team.”

Lara Louise
Relacionamento ao Aluno - IBRACS

“One of the best actions I took for my company was to outsource the issuance of certificates for my events and training to The team is extremely efficient and careful with the work they do, in addition to the fact that the company has very clear and objective processes, which allow anyone to understand how to issue certificates in a simple and quick way. I strongly recommend!"

Renan Ferreira Cavalheiro
Academia de Forense Digital

“There were three reasons that led us to use cost retention, commitment to the environment and monitoring the digital trend. I found the tool very practical and functional and one of its main advantages is the certificate history.”

Ayla Figueiredo
Marketing, Grupo São Francisco

“The digitization of the certificate simplifies the organization of large events. The service was satisfactory from start to finish, from the initial adaptation of the certificate to after-sales. The company really cared and guaranteed delivery. Negotiation was smooth and shooting was quick and efficient.”

Rodrigo Seccon
Analista de Marketing, Universidade Positivo

“We had a big event that arose the need to provide certificates to participants. At that moment, I looked for online certificate alternatives that were more practical for me and my clients. The tool is excellent, practical and very easy to use. The service is impeccable. I was very well attended and all my requests were promptly attended to. I certainly recommend.”

Amanda Paganella Rossetti
Analista de Marketing, Eletronor

“The great advantage is having the practicality of having a company that efficiently and technologically takes care of an important document both for our company and for our students, which is the certificate, in addition to having excellent service from the team , which, like our company, values commitment.”

Maurício Camargo
Cursos Maurício Camargo

Make an Investment Simulation

At some point you will ask yourself: "Interesting! But how much does it cost?". Generally, the absolute value per online certificate is less than the printed one. The larger the requested quantity, the smaller the value per certificate. To make it easier, we created a calculator for you to have an idea of how much you need to invest.

How many certificates
do you need to issue?

Your First Issuance in 3 Steps

Simple, fast and practical. How to issue your first certificate online in 3 steps!

Request a Quote and Buy Your Credits

Request a quote to buy your credits. Each credit is equivalent to an issued certificate, and can be used in up to 1 year. You define how many you will need, make your first purchase and register as an organizer. There is no monthly fee.

Send Attendees and Certificate Layout

Submit the typed list of attendees with name, CPF (optional) and email and your event details. Choose a ready-made layout or send us what you want. If you prefer, we can create one specific to your event.

Authorize the Release of Certificates and Notification of Participants

We will issue and, after your authorization, send you the e-mails notifying you of the availability of the online certificates. Ready! Your event attendees will now be able to access their certificates.

Common Questions

How does the attendee access their certificate?

After the issuance, each participant receives an e-mail containing the information necessary to access the system. Through their browser, the participant logs in and already has access to their certificates. All this in a simple and practical way.

How long are certificates available?

Certificates are available indefinitely. You and your participants can access and download the issued certificates as many times as you like.

What happens if I don't use my credits?

Credits are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. During this period you can use them in as many events as you like. If you don't use it within that time, the credits expire and can no longer be used.

How long does it take to issue my certificates?

Officially, the release of certificates takes place within 72 working hours after the list is sent, considering that the template has already been approved and that the list conforms to the requested model. If not, the deadline may be extended. But we usually do it in much less time than that, within 24 hours.

Start Issuing Your Certificates in a Professional Way

Save time and money. Leave the hard work of issuing certificates to us.